Want node red to turn on the front door light when it detects me

Figured out the presence detection and can get it to turn the light on or off depending on me being here or not.
I want to have it only turn on the light if it detects me after sunset.

Any ideas?

Use the sun condition.

in which node?

Only started teaching myself last night lol.

Ooops didn’t read you were using Node-RED instead of HA native automations…
I would encourage using native automations, mainly because in general native is better.
Anyway, go to https://www.juanmtech.com/get-started-with-node-red-and-home-assistant/ and scroll down to “Current state node”.

For some of the simpler ones i do but a few require more versatility .

Thanks :slight_smile:

Use the time-range-switch node you can set specific time or sunrise/set with or without offsets

Thanks for the heads up on that :slight_smile: