Want to make chages in a code but do not dare to test them by myself

I made some changes in a code for a “Dev tools → Templates” page - added vertical scrollbars similarly to what described here.
Just changed some CSS styles.
The solution works fine when these changes were made by using a Code Inspector in a browser (Chrome).

Now these changes must be tested.
But - I am afraid that I cannot test them by myself.
The solution seems to be working - but some styles may not stick - then I need to apply them with a “!important” directive.
So, it must be tested anyway.

For testing, I need to build my own version of HA, never did it.
Can anyone give me a link to a page where it is explained ?

I wonder if anyone ever posted a PR with a code which was not tested by themselves?
I mean - “let’s propose a PR with an untested code, merge it, wait for a next build, then install the build, test it, propose a PR with corrections” - and so on?

join the discord #devs_frontend channel , thats the place to ask for assistance