Wanting a cheap android mobile (with SIM) to keep permanently in the car

Any tips? I want to use it on WiFi and GSM data and for it NOT to be mounted in the dash or radio or anything - just sat on a phone mount. Bit of a complicated reason why I want to do this but believe me it makes sense- for me!

I can see that there are LOADS to choose from, but it’s been about a decade since I bought a phone which WASN’T an iPhone. I now don’t want an iPhone because I want to use an Android app and the Home Assistant web front end.


What are your requirements? As you said, there’s phones from very low end to very high end available, depending on your reqs we could give you a couple of models that could suit your needs.

Guess it needs to be able to make/answer calls, run one specific app, and run Home Assistant (in browser). Other than that - nothing else really! Thanks @skye

Seeing that the app you mentioned minimum requirements are Android 4.1, and HA can be used through a browser of your choice (though I would recommend using the Ariela Android app in Lovelace mode for faster UI loading if you don’t use many custom cards), basically any Android phone that is 3 years old or so, should run fine.

I’ve got a Motorola X Play from 2015 which would work fine for your needs, not sure for how much phones similar to that one go for nowadays. Probably less than $100.