Wanting to do a chore tracker not sure which route

So in the above file left to right is Mon-Sat and it is currently Tuesday say.

Scheduled Tasks best way to do this:

  • Display only items due that week in a card. Custom Entities card
  • Be able to mark a chore done somehow and once that happens it removes itself from the list,
  • If task is past due (red), task current day (Green), Task upcoming (Some other color).
  • Generic alert for Tasks due .
  • Alert at Noon every day if any past due tasks still exist.
  • Store completed task info somewhere (DB, CSV, Txt). Probably not necessary for all items but it might just be easier to have it all on if it is writing to same file all the time.
  • Some tasks are weekly, some every two weeks, some monthly, some quarterly, etc

From reading there seems to be different things available but what might fit this the best. I’ve seen some people mention grocy integration, node red, input Booleans, google calander.