WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor no longer detects motion after Z-Wave JS 0.1.15 update

I have a WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor that no longer detects motion after I upgraded to Z-Wave JS 0.1.15. The temperature and battery sensors are still working but no motion detection. 0.1.16 does the same thing. I can go back to 0.1.14 and it works. Any ideas?

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I have the same issue, I only moved my zwave devices over today from the old zwave.

Zwavejas2mqtt addon is working with this device. You can use it with or without mqtt as an alternative to the zwavejs addon.

From what I have read I think I have to delete Z-Wave JS add on then install Z-Wave JS to MQTT. Do you know if I will have to rename all my entities again?

I would also like to know if we will have to rename all entities?


I followed these instructions from @brandont to backup the device names to switch from zwavejs addon to zwavejs2mqtt addon. Please be sure to save a snapshot of your current configuration, you can always revert to that!
There are more details in the thread linked below.

I can confirm the WAPIRZ-1 works with Z-Wave JS to MQTT. I stopped Z-Wave JS. Installed Z-Wave JS to MQTT. Copied Device Path and netowrk_key from Z-Wave JS to Z-Wave JS to MQTT. Edited .storage/core.config_entries to change “use_addon”: false. Restarted and let it Interview. I had to wakeup some of the battery devices.