(WAREMA) Venetian Blinds, What is the latest update?

Hi all,

I am just wondering what the last update is on the WAREMA Venetian blinds integration. I have the blind boxes installed, but have not yet the blinds, so I can still adapt to the best situation.

Like shown on the drawing attached, this is the setup I need. A Shelly (Pro series I have now) unit that is controlled by a manual switch on the wall and the HA. I know that in the past the Shelly HA scripts available in this forum need tweaking, and I am not sure how this works with the wall switches in parallel. I am happy to buy additional WAREMA control system if that would allow for easy integration. I do try to keep everything wired instead of RF/WIFI as some blinds are out of reach.

Can anyone advice me on this? @KennethLavrsen ? :blush:

Appreciated, thanks!

For the record. I asked xbmcgotham to ping me on this one in a private message

I do not know how the electrical interface is done on WAREMA. It is not a brand I know at all.

My solution is a real DIY. I put small stepper motors inside my blinds. In Europe we tend to use much smaller blinds (blades are like 25 mm) so you have very little space inside for anything. I managed to fit steppers with gear boxes inside and then I have a small control box 3D printed. Inside is an ESP8266 and a Stepper motor driver board. The software I use is home made. Not even ESPHome. And I control them with MQTT.

If I was to make these today in 2023 I would probably use one of the new smart solutions that you put on the hook for the turning rod.

Now if you can tell us how the WAREMA blinds are wired we can maybe suggest some DIY or find a way to use devices like Shelly

Thanks @KennethLavrsen for getting back to me! I will look for the motor details and post them back here. Have a nice day!

Hi @KennethLavrsen please find attached the details on the motor. Hopefully this information will help. :slight_smile: Have a nice day!

Hi @KennethLavrsen was wondering if you had time to look at the motor details. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Hi @KennethLavrsen hope you have some time over the Christmas period to have a look for me. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

As far as I can tell your motor is a simple 3 wire thing with a neutral and two phase wires. One phase runs the motor up and one runs it down.

You just need to look for a smart switch with two relays. The timing of these is normally simple. You just hold one of the two phases on for a few seconds longer than it takes the curtain or whatever it lifts to go all the way from bottom to top. The motor stops when it reaches the max or min.

Thanks for having a look Kenneth!

I do wonder how the tilting will work for the Venetian blinds with the manual switches and the HA. As far as I can read, many people have issues getting the tilting to work correctly with the HA scripts. What is your view on this with the motor I have?

Have a nice evening.