Warning in homeassistant log file

I have a firestick that is connected to home assistant using the adb manager. At night the whole TV console gets powered off and i keep getting warnings in my log file that say it cannot connect to the firestick, which isn’t surprising as it has no power.

Is there a way i can ignore these warnings and therefore stop them writing to the log file. I get an entry every minute for the firestick.

2024-04-15 10:13:01.121 WARNING (MainThread) [androidtv.adb_manager.adb_manager_async] Couldn’t connect to TcpTimeoutException: Connecting to timed out (1.0 seconds)



Find the name of the integration and set it’s default logging level to error or better. You will not log anything warning or lower priority…

Just remember you did it if it starts acting up and revert it else you won’t have the info you need to troubleshoot.

IMHO it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing and I’d leave it be - don’t set an expectation that you can maintain a 100% clean ha log. You’ll drive yourself nuts trying to get there.


Thanks for the pointer I understand your cautions, I have edited my configuration.yaml and set the level to error and it seems to work.



Hi @newbyp

Is that what you did:

  default: info
    androidtv.adb_manager.adb_manager_async: error

Yes that stopped the warnings coming through even minute.

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Sorry my default is set at warning not info.

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