WARNING (MainThread) [aioesphomeapi.reconnect_logic] Can't connect to ESPHome API for

I am getting this log warning for an IP Address that none of my ESPHome projects use. All of my ESPHome are connected and working fine. I don’t use the IP address shown in the error for anything. Maybe it was from an old ESPHome project. How do eliminate the warning?

Same here for two devices. One is trying an IP address of a different server (not an ESPHome device) and the other is for an ESPHome device that was removed. Any chance you found a solution?

If I recall, I found it was an old Esphome Device I had Ignored or Disabled on the Integration page. Once I deleted it my issue was resolved.

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That was it, thank you! Right down to the old device that used to have the IP now used by the other server. The other entry I must have disabled instead of removed. Thanks, my logs are now error and warning free :slight_smile:

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