Warning regarding strapping pin when compiling - which GPIO pins to use?

I get the following warning when building my esphome SW:
WARNING GPIO2 is a Strapping PIN and should be avoided
I’m using the GPIO2 in my yaml configuration. I read the provided link in the output and it refers to Frequently Asked Questions — ESPHome where I can read that a few pins are special. I have no problem with my setup so I leave it for now.
When I search on the forum I find nothing that helps me. Maybe my google karma is low today. :wink:

I’m building another board and I wonder if I can find a list of the GPIOx:s and a recommendation of which to use and which to not use.

|**D4**|**GPIO2**|pulled up|OK|HIGH at boot connected to on-board LED, boot fails if pulled LOW| | --- | --- | --- | --- |

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I get the warning on a esp32, and GPIO 2 and 4 are not strapping pins. both are safe pins.

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Yaml? Logs?

I get the warning for GPIO0 and 4, those are connected to one of the buttons and the backlight control on my board (TTGO T-Display)

Code here