Warnings not saying much to me



Error while loading page automation.

when selecting Automations/scripts
and dev tools:

Probably because Home Assistant found an error in one of your automations that is so profound that it refused to load all automations. That’s why none appear in that view.

Run “Configuration > Settings > Check Configuration” and then examine the log for errors.

read that anthachaiMongkol Anthachai
has the same problem…
I tried Chrome … no problem there

config-settings-check config says: all good.

Firefox restart fixed the problem.

Which browser are you using that fails to show the list of automations? (Also, did you try clearing its cache)

Glad to hear it wasn’t an issue with the automations.

When an automation, that has to call a script every hour, says it has been active about 5 hours ago… Does that then mean it has not done anything in the mean time?Schermopname (6)

(that the name of the automation is “timed script”, is the least confusing)