Was it a mistake to factory reset my z-stick?

I’m new to Home Assistant, fleeing the disaster that is SmartThings. I’m using a ubuntu box with an Aeotec z-stick gen5. I had most things working well, but then I went to try to remove an unknown device that wouldn’t go away. Long story short, I factory reset the z-stick, and now all of the z-wave devices show up but are greyed out and unusable.

Is it possible to recover the zwave configuration? I have the files backed up. Or am I just going to have to manually re-add everything? If the latter, then do the existing devices/entities need to be removed first?

What kind of backup do you have? the HA config files or a backup of the Z stick itself?

The HA files. Didn’t realize that the z-stick could be backed up.

Then sorry… you’re screwed…




Aeotech bacup software for windows

Link was from here

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Thanks for confirming.

Sorry I didn’t see your reply until now.

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