Washing machine with wifi but NO CLOUD services

Hi there,
I am currently installing alot of sensors and automations at my house over Wifi, Z-Wave and Zigbee. My main concern is to have only “Cloud free” sensors and actuators. If it needs to be connected to any cloud just for login or read any byte, it comes out of question for me.
So, now I would like to install a need washing machine with wifi, so that I can monitor states, water and energy comsumption.
Does any one know a manufacturer that makes washing machines without cloud services?

LG: smart Thinq only with cloud
Bosch/Siemens: home connect only cloud
Miele: didnt check yet
Samsung: Smartthings this might be a winner ?
There are plenty more but they all seam to use their own cloud services and Apps. And for obvious reasons I dont want to post in the cloud when I am washing or not.

If anyone could share their imput I would be much appreciated.


Put your own sensors on a dumb washing machine?

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As with Tom…DIY can be simple/cheap without needing to change the machine…unless you want the gadget :slight_smile:
Powerplug (10-15USD, vibration sensor < 10)…the water part is less easy as you would need to install a debit thing between hose and tap…but doable to with ESP32 (yes…more DIY)

Would agree to Tom and vingerha here.

You probably wouldn’t want to limit your options simply because of some smart features. So if I were you, I would focus on a good, reliable, quality one that would last for years, and then use a sensor (or sensors) to make my washing machine smart.

A couple of ideas for you:
Zigbee2MQTT Device Search: vibration
Zooz z-wave vibration sensor
HomeSeer HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Plus Indicator Light Sensor
Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15 for Heavy Duty Appliances
Aeotec ZW095 Home Energy Meter Gen5
Shelly EM + 2 x 50A Clamp | Shelly Shop USA
… or maybe a door/window sensor to see whether the door being open or closed.

The above should work, because unlike fan or AC or bulbs, you typically would not need to turn washing machine on or off - you just need a way to somehow know that a wash cycle is done.

And that could possibly be achieved by measuring the power consumption too

I would say that what you are asking for does not exist.
There is no market what so ever for an washing machine with local connection only.

What would be the market group? It’s niche and new enough with smart washing machines.
It will be years before a local connection washing machine exist (if ever).

The market group for a smart washing machine today wants an app that works preferably with little or no setup and works from out of home.

For the cycle detection based on power consumption, see my blueprint over here:

Hey guys,
many thanks for the inputs. Yes I am also considering a “simple” washing machine without wifi and add some sensors to it. But the whole idea of using a smart washing/dishwasher machine is to create actuations programs for when energy is more cheap or when wheater outside is warmer etc etc.
The possibilities when you have full control (power on, chose program, start, measure, etc) are endless.
Thats why I would prefer to spend some more money in buing and LG or Samsung smart washing machine and integrate it with HA.

The issue that I see with all the manufacturers is that they all love to use their “clouds”. If there is no internet or the server at Samung goes down or gets hacked…well you know what happens.