Waste_collection_schedule - icalevents missing

Since HA OS version 2024.5.x the python package icalevents is missing or cannot be installed during setup. I can’t figure out how to install this again without the system complaining about it. There seems to be no apk package for icalevents. Hence this doesn’t work either.

Platform error: sensor - Requirements for waste_collection_schedule not found: ['icalevents'].

I know of GitHub - mampfes/hacs_waste_collection_schedule: Home Assistant integration framework for (garbage collection) schedules but this doesn’t help either.

I made a snapshot of HA and forced the installation of the python package:

python3 -m pip install icalevents --break-system-packages

Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the issue either.
So, how do we solve this properly?

Am I the only one having this issue?

Here is some log info: