Waste indicator sensor not in dashboard


I don’t get waste management in my dashboard. I have installed waste guide via the hacs. the files are also in my file editor, see image. i put the sample install in the configuration.yaml. when checking configuration it is accepted. I also put loglevel in the configuration.ya is also accepted. the sensor does not appear in my dashboard. What am I doing wrong. See image of my home assistant what I did. i used the site homeassistant-afvalwijzer/README.md at master · xirixiz/homeassistant-afvalwijzer · GitHub

Please use code tags to post any code.

As for your problem:
I take it you mean the sensor wont show up in your dashboard thats autogenerated? if you have a dashboard thats made by you, you’ll have to insert a card with that sensor.
But looking at the screenshot i can see the indentation is off.

Again without code its harder to point out and/or show you what needs to be fixed. To lazy to copy it from that screenshot :smiley:

I’ll put the code in later. no longer in an image. excuse. where can i turn on the ‘indent is off’?

Indentation is the amount of spaces in your code. Each time its just 2 more. So this:

    - platform: afvalbeheer
      wastecollector: Whatever

Should be:

  - platform: afvalbeheer
    wastecollector: Whatever

You can install an addon like Studio Code Server and it will check these kind of things for u.

Ok thanks I will change this tonight and try. Once this is done, the card code must be applied for the sensor.

so this one:

  - type: 'custom:auto-entities'
      type: glance
        - entity_id: sensor.afvalwijzer_gft
        - entity_id: sensor.afvalwijzer_papier
        - entity_id: sensor.afvalwijzer_pmd
        - entity_id: sensor.afvalwijzer_restafval
      attribute: days_until_collection_date
      method: attribute
      numeric: true

and then it should be fine?

I have adjusted the spaces. I still get an error when configuring the card, see image.

  - platform: afvalwijzer
    provider: mijnafvalwijzer        # (required, default = mijnafvalwijzer) either choose mijnafvalwijzer, afvalstoffendienstkalender or rova
    postal_code: xxxxxx              # (required, default = '')
    street_number:  xx                # (required, default = '')
    suffix: ''                       # (optional, default = '')
    exclude_pickup_today: true       # (optional, default = true) to take or not to take Today into account in the next pickup.
    default_label: geen              # (optional, default = geen) label if no date found
    id: ''                           # (optional, default = '') use if you'd like to have multiple waste pickup locations in HASS
    exclude_list: ''                 # (optional, default = '') comma separated list of waste types (case ignored). F.e. "papier, gft"

default: info
custom_components.afvalwijzer: debug

one step further now it indicates that the card is not configured. any idea?

Try the default entitie card first.

The code is wrong. should be;

added but it also somehow does not recognize it.

Have you installed the auto-entities frontend in HACS? If not, install it.