Water Consumption by pulse counter

The Water Consumption on Energy dashboard support a limited hardware.

I have some water usage sensors based on “pulse counter”.

it can be added as " Water Consumption"…

the dashboard dont care for hardware, but for units. And for water you’ll need the m3 unit. If your pulse meter gives L or L per minute, then you’ll have to do a template around that to convert to m3

I´m talking about this “Energy” built-in Dashboard:

yes… we talk about the same… what unit does your pulse sensor have?

i want to share something i just found out. I was also trying to get a sensor on the energydashboard. Like you can find in the documentation you need to have a device_class and a state_class. But what can’t be found in the documentation (but made it work for me) is that you need a unique_id for your sensor. After adding a unique id (see my config below) I was able to add it to the dashboard (by selecting it in the dropdown). Als make sure you have a superscript 3 in stead of a normal 3.

  - sensor:
      - name: Watervebruik in m3 modern template
        unique_id: waterverbruik_in_m3_modern_template
        state: "{{ (states('sensor.water_verbruik_custom') | int / 1000) | round(3) }}"
        unit_of_measurement: "m³"  
        state_class: total_increasing
        device_class: water