Water consumption cost

My water consumption is currently given in liters. However, I cannot enter a price that is less than 1 cent (as a static value). I also tried to use a sensor to indicate a price that is less than 1 cent.

Didn’t work, anyone have any ideas?

Could you create a template sensor that is in cubic metres and use that instead in the energy dashboard ? Assume you have a cost per cubic metre.
This is what I do. The energy dashboard still shows in litres though

Thanks that works fine :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I created a template sensor to convert into cubic metres and set a fixed cost also in currency/m³.
The graph is still showing in litres as mentioned, although the cost summary won’t show up.
Can anyone point me how to solve this?

It created an entity volume_cost with the right value but it is not present on the dashboard. Does it only show for energy?