Water Heater: Bradford White

Requesting support for the Bradford White platform for

I’m happy to do any sort of local debugging or network monitoring to help expedite this.

Sadly, looks like API support isn’t on their short term roadmap. This was the response I got from Bradford White when I asked about API, MQTT, or even Modbus access:

My name is Julian and I am Bradford White’s IoT Product Manager.
At this time, we do NOT have an API connection to Home Assistant. That has been something that more and more people have been asking about but as of now it is not in our short-term roadmap.

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Have not had the time to crack open my connect module yet…but according to this it’s an ESP32 running the show…which is promising.

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I just created a custom integration in the evenings this week: GitHub - ablyler/home-assistant-bradford-white-connect

Feel free to kick the tires and let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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You’re amazing, thanks! Unfortunately ours is offline for a year during a remodel but I’ll return to tire-kicking when it’s done.

Testing this. So far so good. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I even attempted to do it myself with some rudimentary programming skills. However, I got bogged down by the authentication stuff since I don’t have much experience with web/app programming. Everything works so far. Will report any issues on the repo.

Is there any way to bypass the connect module and just interface with the water heater directly? I don’t (yet) have the connect module but my water heater has a RJ45 port on it that I believe speaks the GEA2 protocol. Is there a way to connect an ESP32 to this port to directly speak to the water heater and skip the connect module?

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Found some related projects on github: