Water Heater integration could be made more useful to accept more

Regarding: Water Heater - Home Assistant

I saw the new nice Tile Card, with the water heater possibility. So I wanted my water cooker to work with the tile card, but I had a hard time creating a water heater, so after this get this tilecard to work. But eventually I couldn’t get it to work.

I have 3 entites of my water cooker:

switch.waterkoker (it’s main switch - to turn it off at night)
sensor.waterkoker_actief (indicates if its self-heating or not)
sensor.waterkoker_power (the power it currently draws)

The device has no other controls, the settings are fixed.
I would like it to get 1 entity with the device class: water_heater. So I can use the tile card.

But the water heater integration below does not accept my code. Would be nice if it did :slight_smile:

  - platform: template
    name: Waterkoker
    icon: mdi:kettle
    heater: switch.waterkoker
    target_sensor: sensor.waterkoker_actief
    power_attribute: sensor.waterkoker_power
    availability_template: "{{ is_state('switch.waterkoker', 'unavailable') or is_state('sensor.waterkoker_actief', 'unavailable') or is_state('sensor.waterkoker_power', 'unavailable') }}"

If I use - platform: demo
like in the example Water Heater - Home Assistant
HA goes weird with 43 demo integrations. Platform: switch does not seem to work, so I see no other way to use this integration. I tried it with - platform: template, but that is not documentated as a possibility either and it does not seem to work. The documentation is too limited.

A template entity, does not give me the device class water_heater either.

Also tried:

  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: Water Heater
    heater: switch.waterkoker
    target_sensor: sensor.waterkoker_actief

But then HA thinks it’s a thermostat from 7 till 35 degrees. Doesn’t look good either.

You cant just make up integrations. The available water heater integrations are listed here:


Edit your post and tiltle to make it clear that you are requesting a template water heater integration.

There is a template climate integration https://github.com/jcwillox/hass-template-climate that I use to create a climate integration by pulling together different sensors (temp/ power/ states) from different integrations by @jcwillox

Adapting the template climate for a template water heater integration would be a way to achieve this and I would be quite interested as I have two water heaters with different sensors, but no overall agreate picture, except for lovelace.

Have to say, the docs are pretty brief, the suggested config is a bit vague. Your post helps, and I now understand, but I never would have understood from the docs.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  platform: demo
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You know where the links to suggest (or make) document improvements are :slight_smile:

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