🌊 Water Leak Protection - Smart water shut-off valve for HA


I would like to share with you a device we have already developed for a year. A couple of years ago I met the problem with the easy integration of smart valves to HA, and after unsuccessful research, I decided to develop my own solution.

I decided to use Nordic as the main chip and Zigbee as a communication protocol.

Main requirements:

  • easy integration to HA;
  • Possible to manual control the valve with feedback to HA
  • True Wireless;
  • Long time working from a set of batteries;

After researching the market for the main component, I chose the following main components:

gearbox with metal gears:

5v motors:

Holyiot module for Nordic:

Design the main PCB:

Design mechanical elements:

Make several prototypes and start testing.

If the product gets interested from the community and I can get it done, going to launch it in crowdsupply.

Will be happy to answer all questions and hear your opinion about the current setup.


There is a Z-wave option out there:

It do like your compact size and minimized look.

Yep, similar to this one, but a version by link still requires the cable from a power adapter.
Also planning to design a nice adapter.

Thanks for your feedback!

Uploaded video of valve work

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Hey guys, just wanted to share some updates we made on our project recently. We’ve been focusing on improving the working time from our battery set, and here’s what we’ve done:

  • We switched out the LDO for an LP2985, which is more energy-efficient and has lower current consumption.
  • We added external pull-up resistors to all buttons and switches, which means they now draw less current.
  • We also fixed a bunch of small issues that were affecting current consumption.

Hopefully, these updates will help us get more out of our batteries and keep our project running smoothly for longer. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Where can I buy this device (need battery since I do not have power outlet where I want to install this shutoff valve)?

we put out the first devices on tindie

Ping me if you have any questions