Water Level Sensor (no tank)

I am looking for a water level sensor between 0 - 10cm (20cm would be better), the water is an open space so the generic tank sensor (with sound?) will not work.

I tried the Grove water level sensor (https://www.seeedstudio.com/Grove-Water-Level-Sensor-10CM-p-4443.html), but this one just does NOT work correctly (tried multiple sensors, multiple ESP32/8266 and resistors). Sometimes it shows the right value, but 70% of the time the output is unusable.

Anybody has a suggestion for a water level sensor working with ESPHome? Otherwise anything else what will work with Home Assistant?

Since you tried that stick-style sensor I assume that you have some way to mount something above the water’s surface? If so, I can think of two options:

  • Ultrasonic sensor - the water-proof version has a blind area of about 20cm so that would probably not work for you but if can mount the non-water-proof version somehow safely then that gives you a range of 2-400cm I believe.
  • Water-level switch - If you do not need to know the exact water volume but just need to know if the water is overflowing or disappearing, you could try a water-level switch. You can use this to either alert you if the water level is below or above a certain threshold. For example I have mounted such a switch in my swimming pool at two different heights to alert me that too much water has evaporated (or there may be a leak in the plumbing).
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You might want to look into this: different application, but same demand: measuring water pressure…

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@exxamalte I would ideally want to know the level, with a <0.5cm precision. Pity neither options comes close to that, but i think i will try out the ultrasonic approach, i would guess it is much more stable then the Grove stuff.

@CeeCee This is also an option yes, will investigate it too (just need a range of 0 - 30cm)