Water meter Itron Cyble 5

Does anyone know of a way of integrating water meter reading into Home Assistant?

I live in the Italy and my new water meter is an Itron equipped with Cyble 5 v1.4 module that allows for wireless remote meter readings.

Here the specification:

Should be possible it has sigfox protocol on, so ask your utils company for API access keys. If there is receiver picking it up it should be as simple as using ths Sigfox - Home Assistant
You can try to ask for LoraWAN keys too that may not work but hey…
If you have rtl_sdr dongle and set it to 868 Mhz and on 922.3Mhz with capture all unknowns just to see if is already sending out something uselful.
Also check the manual for config.

The problem is obtain the keys…

If you are in the EU they have to make at least one way for to be able to read it digitally.

Article 5 Responsibilities of metered data administrator
(b) ensure that final customers (i) can access their validated metering and
consumption data; (ii) can make it available to eligible parties and (iii) receive
it in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable and interoperable format;

There is some local regulation that has to map to that and if utils company is resisting say you will complain to… consumer rights people whoever is dealing with it in your country