Water meter with neptune and ESPHome


I’m looking a way to monitor the water usage in my house. My water meter is a neptune (don’t know the model) and there is 3 connectors marked B G R.

Does any one know how to connect an ESP to those connectors to read the data?


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searching “Github neptune water” I found a few projects but they all seem aimed at the R900 models.

Most water meters with pulsed output seem to have a magnetic or optical sensor mounted to the surface of the dial (edit: or have a 2-wire connector wired directly into the meter). You would need to first confirm that those 3 screws are actually wired internally to send the pulses. I would put a multimeter across the screws to see if you can get anything to show while water is running. There’s a diagram Here showing how to wire a similar 3-wire hall sensor that may help.

Edit: I suspect that those screws are not connected to anything, but are mounting points for a pulse sensor.

I was thinking something like this: https://www.flows.com/3-wire-dual-reed-switch/

But the fact that the screws are labeled does point to there being an internal hall sensor. Multimeter to confirm…

Thanks for the support.
I found this in the documentation of a third party compatible with the terminals on the Neptune.
I guess that’s what I am searching, I think I have the 6-Digit “ProRead” Protocol. I will explore this way.