Water quality pH0-14 Sensor

Hi. Now that the warm season has started again, we would like to put a small pool in our garden. So that the water quality is right, I would like to measure the “pH value”. This is of course very easy, or a little more complicated. Of course, I opted for the complicated variant. Now I have also found a sensor that can measure the “pH value” [This one](#Aliexpress € 4,53 | Flüssigkeit PH0-14 Wert Erkennen Sensor Modul + Ph-elektrode Sonde BNC für Arduino https://a.aliexpress.com/_BSB8Q8) I would like to have this displayed via ESPHome in HA. The sensor is not listed on the ESPHome.io site. But I know that it is an analog sensor. Can I integrate it like my “Soil Moisture Sensors”? Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have any experience or tips? I would be grateful for information …

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If it has n analogue output voltage equal or greater than 0-1v you should be ok. Note that the ESP ADC is not very linear, particularly at the extreme ends of its measurement range.
So you might have to do a linear calibration. There’s an example in the yaml file here:


Thank you for the information. Is there a recommendation for the board? Currently have some Wemos D1 Mini and nodeMCU’s, all ESP8266, are the ESP32 more suitable?

Great, thank you very much

The main advantages of the ESP32 are:

  • more memory
  • more analog inputs
  • touch inputs
  • hardware PWM
  • hardware UART

None of which are required. So for this application there’d be little difference.

I found this product on AliExpress. It advertised a bluetooth feature so I thought I could take a crack at reverse engineering it. It took all day yesterday, but I was able to connect an ESP32 running ESPHome using ble_client sensor to broadcast the readings into Home Assistant.

It does water temperature, EC/TDS, and pH. I haven’t yet calibrated the unit or tested it for accuracy though.

Nonetheless, here is my ESPHome yml definition if anybody else wants to try it: ESPHome definition to pick up readings from the PH-260BD water PH/EC/TDS/Temp sensor - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002707585119.html · GitHub

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