Water usage via vibration / accelerometers?

Hello everyone;

I am trying to track Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) in a bathroom. Instead of using an obtrusive microphone for sound recognition, I would like to explore non-invasive hardware to detect when a toilet is flushed and when a bathroom sink is used.

I do not want to spend nor do I require the granularity that is provided by expensive water management solutions (e.g. https://www.fortrezz.com/flow-meter). Ideally, I could tape a Z-WAVE or ZigBee sensor to the water lines that feed the sink and toilet to detect no flow, flow and high flow via vibration / accelerometer sensors + software at the local gateway.

Does anyone know of implemented solutions that leverages this idea instead of purchasing $200 proprietary water sensors?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, interesting approach to logging.
I would suggest a float switch in your toilet reservoir, install it to max water level, for trigger when water drops down.

Hello,and welcome to the Forum. Maybe this will help you further. I don’t use it myself, so I can’t give a precise answer. But ESPhome is a great thing …