Watterkotte Heatpumps incl. Bacic/EcoVent & Schedule-adjustment support [an alternative repo]

I am fully aware, that there exist already a waterkotte heapump integration created by Michael Pattison - but I as an owner of a Waterkotte EcoTouch Ai1 Geo and as developer of two other HA integrations I had the personal need for adjustments. I started with a fork - but with the begin of this year, an independent repo version have been released (mainly cause of technical/implementation details - that might be just matter of taste).

  • Optional support to Basic/Eco Vent data (air source)
  • Optional support for water disinfection settings
  • Optional support to adjust all the curves (heating, cooling, mix1-mix3)
  • Optional support for pools
  • Optional support to adjust multiple schedules (inlc. the 2 adjustments)
  • Use of a single HTTP-WebSession for communication (created by HA)
  • Writing of multiple TAGs in a single request (essential for schedule settings)
  • +170 Sensor entities of different types (most of them disabled by default)
  • +650 Schedule related entities (that can - but don’t have to be - added)
  • Fully translated to German

Get all instructions & Info’s here (inlc. migration information):

Final note, that you can not run the integration of ‘pattisonmichael/waterkotte-integration’ and this ‘marq24/ha-waterkotte’ one en parallel - it’s a one or the other [I made this move in order to allow to interchange between implementations, without loosing sensor data]