Watts Clever Hacking

I have hooked up a Watts Clever ew4500 to my RPi, the are 3 conveniently labelled pin solder pads (RF Vcc, GND, Data) inside the unit and i have managed to get a regular binary signal out of it, every 30 seconds there is a data burst from which i have recorded a wave form and each time it starts the same so it looks like a good chance that the following data is a unit ID number and current power usage figure.

The plan is to get this published to MQTT somehow and then let HA take the value from the solar inverter (already importing into HA via a JSON API on the fronius Datamanager card) and this usage value to calculate how much we are currently importing\exporting to the grid.

I have an RGB striplight controller flashed with Tasmota and hooked up to HA so once the import/export value has been calculated that value can be used to change the colour of the lamp to show if there is excess power (green) or if we are importing from the grid (red), in this way it is easy to see at a glance if we can put on a high drain appliance (washing machine\dishwasher etc.).

I could do with a hand trying to decode the binary into something meaningful at the moment and then getting it into HA, any takers? I recon these Watts Clever devices are pretty popular and could be an easy way to get power consumption data into HA

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I wold love to have this functionality too, for exactly the same reasons.
I don’t have a unit, who’s the VCC voltage? Would be great to have this handled by a D1 mini or similar.