Wattsonic photovoltaic power plant FVE - integration

Good day.

Is there anyone with experience in photovoltaic integration from Wattsonic?

the manufacturer states in brochures only this “Integrated smart EMS
support various power applications”
LOXON state that it can integrate Wattsonic very effectively

Google also says nothing about the combination of wattsonic and HA

So I’m still trying it here.

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here is modbus definition for Wattsonic gen2 for Loxone
You can use register definition in HA modbus integration

I have a running HA integration for gen3, I will post yaml this week.

I am also highly interested in this. I have an A-Tronix inverter [1] and think it probably is a relabeled Wattsonic gen2 distributed here in Germany. It would be nice to connect it to my Home Assistant. Is the Modbus interface provided at the EMS port via RS485?

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[1] https://akkusys.net/pdf/9887799_853627.pdf

yes, it looks like Wattsonic gen2.
look at table 3.43, that is the wiring, you need that two cables
I’m using this RS485 converter: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003207091292.html
than check the loxone library, there is the register description. There are differences to gen3.

data can be read using modbus integration:

  - name: wattsonic 
    type: serial
    baudrate: 9600
    bytesize: 8
    method: rtu
    parity: N
    port: /dev/ttyUSB1
    stopbits: 1 
      - name: Wattsonic Inverter SN
        unique_id: wattsonic_inverter_sn
        slave: 247
        address: 10000
        input_type: holding
        count: 10
        data_type: string
        scan_interval: 86400
        lazy_error_count: 10

Is it possible to connect it thru Wifi module used woth Wattsonic? Do you have some idea how i could solve it?

Is it possible to comunicate over TCP modbus? Exacly i dont know how will be writen .yaml config after.

Thank you for your help

no, only modbus RTU connection is possible. You cannot use wifi module neither lan module.
TCP modbus is not possible in gen3, should be in future.

im new in this topic, so, is it possible to connect modbus to any type of inverter? is it possible to take disscusion in czech language somewere else? thank you very much…

modbus is a protocol. if inverter supports modbus, you can use it

here is my wattsonic gen3 config:

for gen2, use it as inspiration, create your own according to loxone config.

Thank you, that was really helpful. I am already able to read some values via Modbus, still some tinkering needed.

Regarding Modbus TCP, I want to add that there are Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP gateways available. But I have no personal experience with them.

I had this one and worked: RS485 TO POE ETH (B) - Waveshare Wiki
but I returned it, because my RPI4 is next to the inverter and I can use modbus RTU. And I hope that wattsonic will release new FW with modbus TCP.

do you use wattsonic app and cloud with your A-Tronix inverter or do they have their owns? i’m only curios :slight_smile:

Sorry for my late response. I had not enabled E-Mail notifications.
I have a different app “MixPower” and Website “https://www.st-ems.com”. But it looks quite similar to the screenshots of the Wattsonic app in the Play Store. I noticed that I can also use the Sunways (yet another brand) app and portal with my credentials. That was quite handy when st ems messed up their ssl certificate.

Hi all,
I’m having some troubles with my wattsonic gen3 inverter and I need “help” from those, who are reading registers over modbus and have wattsonic or clone(sunways, solinteg, A-Tronix, St-ems).
My issues:

  1. when battery is full and exporting to grid, i’m getting BMS Warn Code=1, 2-5 times/day
  2. sometimes I get Fault Flag3=64
  3. sometimes Inverter Running Status changes to check and after 5 minutes returns to On grid. 5minutes is Czech requirement
  4. sometimes after issue 2/3 I see error Bus Voltage Fault on inverter
  5. sometimes I have power outage in house for 1-20ms, which restart modem/router/clocks, RPIs…this is the real issue
    this is often related to points 2,4, but never 1. After power outage inverter always goes to check status, but that is ok.

all happens (except 1) very irregularly and rare:( sometimes 3x in 2 days and then 3-6days nothing

So could you, please, check your entity history if you see BMS Warn Code=1 or Inverter Running Status=check
thank you for help.

Fault Flag3 - address: 10116
Inverter Running Status - address 10105, value 1=check
BMS Warn Code - address: 33018

Ahoj , přemýšlím o pořízení wattsonicu. Dokážeme si poslať správu mimo vlákno ? rád by som sa spytal na skúsenosti. Díky

skus napisat.
alebo este existuje tato FB skupina: Sunways a Wattsonic komunita (CZ&SK) | Facebook

Nevedel som jak ti mam poslat sukromu spravu. Zijem v cechach a robim si aktualne fve . U nas vo firme predavame goodwe a sofar , ale kamos mi podnukol wattsonic. mám planovaný 15kw ale dá mi 20 za cenu 15 , co bude mat vyrazne lepsiu asimetriu, Som viacmenej movacik v HA (razbery PI , chytrý bojelr cez Shelly) ale pocitam s integráciou a automatiaciou FVE v HA …wattsonic ale nemá integraciu do HA …dokaze to tam bezny uzivatel dajak dostat ? a jak si spokojný s wattsonicom ?

This Sensor doesn’t work:
I can’t find the reason…

how can I help you when you don’t provide anything. The sensor works, you need to include db sensors

i think i have problems with maria_db

maria_db installed
in maria_db config password, username and database set
maria_db started

what is to do in secrets.yaml?
how can i check if maria db works?
include in configuration.yaml activated

URL_MariaDB: mysql://user:password@core-mariadb/dbname