Wave Battery Devices Discharging Quickly

Hello Everyone,

I have noticed over the past few months battery devices such as Thermostats and motion sensors seem to not last very long at all.

In my home I have three zones for heating controlled by three separate Thermostats in each. In the past I would need to change the batteries in each of these maybe once a year.

A few months back a created a heating schedule in Node-Red that is adjusting the heat in each zone based on the time of day. Once node I’m using is the big timer node so it fires every minute. Is it possible this is polling the device and causing the drain. Batteries seem to only be lasting a month or two before they need to be replaced now.

I am running ZWave JS and don’t really see any settings for polling or waking up devices. I have noticed similar fast drains on some motion sensors as well.

Is anyone else noticing this and has anyone found some solutions I could try?