Waveshare e-ink paper 7.5 HD display support


Does anyone know if this e-ink paper display is supported with ESPhome:

It’s a “HD” display with resolution of 880x528.

ESPhome page only sais that 7.5” display is supported, but not which one.


The HD is not supported currently. Only the v1 and v2 which have slightly less resolution.

Thanks for the info!

The regular v2 is nice btw:

Well why not have better resolution :slight_smile:
I’ve just added support for HD version of this display (880x528) to the ESPhome, I hope it will be merged soon and someone can test it properly.


There is ever bigger version here: Waveshare® 9.7 Inch Electronic ink Screen Bare Screen 1200×825 Resolution 16 Gray Levels E-Ink Raw Display OLED

there are actually much more: https://www.waveshare.com/product/displays/e-paper/epaper-1.htm?dir=asc&order=price

True, but none of them is integrated in esphome

Hi! Thank you for adding support for 880x528 displays. Do you have any updates on this topic? Are 3 color displays also supported with e-Paper esp32 Driver Board?

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Is it merged ? Thanks

Anyone has problems using 7.50inV2 display and Waveshare E-Paper ESP32 Driver Board?
I managed to plug everything in and it works, only the display has contrast issues.
During the update the outlines of the writings are sharp and the blacks are full, immediately after they become grainy. As if there wasn’t enough power to properly update the display.
I have already tried to change several USB cables and different power supplies, but with no differences.
Here an example:

Any suggestion?
Thank you.

I have exactly the same behavior with my 4.2 Waveshare screen and the E-Paper ESP32 Driver Board.
Has anyone solved a similar problem before?

I gave mine back as was faulty in the resistance part.
Ordered another one, still waiting.

UPDATE: a second Waveshare ESP32 Driver Board arrived today, attached to the same 7.5inch V2 display and almost same issue.
So these Driver Boards sold directly by Waveshare as compatible with its 7.5inch displays are actually not. Maybe connecting them with their GPIO → FLAT CABLE adapter they work but you lose the sense of having a card with the flat connector already.

I have exactly the same behavior with my 7.50in Waveshare screen connected to HAT for Raspberry Pi connected to a ESP32 board.
Did you find a workaround/fix ?

Waveshare support ask ME to change 1 capacitor and 1 resistor on the ESP32 Dev Board… maybe is the solution, BUT it’s not the right one to me.
I don’t want to fix their board problems.

buenas noches
Alguien me puede decir como obtengo los datos para el cs y dc ??
uso el bus blanco


I solved this by changing the “model switch” to “A”

Source: https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/E-Paper_ESP32_Driver_Board