Waveshare ESP23 Sleep / Hibernate, but still use WiFi?


We’re using Waveshare 2.13 inch e-paper cloud modules to emulate those electronic pricetags, but we’re running into the issue that we need to recharge the batteries quite often, around every couple days. They all use the following battery: “UFX 803060 3.7V 1800mAh 6.66Wh”.

In my YAML config I’ve already decreased the frequency of the refresh rate, where I try to update the screens every hour, with a full update every 8 hours, to prevent screen burn-in etc.

  - platform: waveshare_epaper
    id: ${name}display
    cs_pin: GPIO15
    dc_pin: GPIO27
    busy_pin: GPIO25
    reset_pin: GPIO26
    model: 2.13in-ttgo-dke
    rotation: 270
    full_update_every: 8
    update_interval: 3600s
    lambda: |-

I’m currently lifting off of HomeAssistant’s API to have it update the display component every time there is new data being put-in in the text-helper in HA, but the time between new updates can vary between 10 minutes or 5 days before someone comes around to pick up their shelf contents.

I’ve read around on the use of Deep Sleep for ESP32’s and having to physically wake them up before sending new data, but is there some mode sitting inbetween of “Deep Sleep” and “Awake” where it would still be able to use it’s WiFi signal to receive data on? Or would I have to require my assistants to first wake the device using the Reset pin before updating the info on the shelf tag?

I’m trying to make it as low-effort for my assistants as possible essentially, and if I can cut down the amount of steps required for them to update the shelf-contents, that’d be great :sweat_smile:

Any help here is appreciated, even if it’s resulting in me having to tell my assistants to not be lazy.