Waveshare mmWave module - Any successful implementations?

Hi everyone, long time reader but realised I didn’t have an account so I’m signed up.

I recently found these mmWave modules for a good price: Human Micro-Motion Detection mmWave Sensor (24GHz) | The Pi Hut

The board itself looks remarkably like the LD2420 pictured on this ESPHome page:

I’ve had the unit linked up to a Wemos D1 Mini and working with an Arduino set of code so I know the connections are all OK and it’s talking.

Moving across to ESPHome and using the example code on that page (above) doesn’t result in anything apart from “unknown” for the presence or distance measures.

Before sharing code I was woindering if anyone had used this module (specifically the Waveshare branded one in case there are differences) please?

I’m still quite new to mmWave modules but I’m trying my best! Thanks.

Did you see that depending on the FW, pins 3 and 5 are inverted?

Thanks for the quick response, I have tried both pin 3 and 5 although pin 3 is actually labelled as Tx on this board.

What about the baudrate?

Depending on the firmware you have serial baudrates will be 256000 for any 
module with less than firmware v1.5.3 and 115200 on newer versions

Thank you again @walberjunior. I have tried both baud rates. I’ll plough on, next step is to try connecting it to a PC and seeing what I can get out of the little devil!

I was wondering if anyone else had come across the Wavshare branded ones in case there were differences that had been resolved.

Well I switched the D1 mini for a ESP-WROOM-32 that I found lying around and fot it working with a bit of help from the feature request here: Support Hi-Link LD2420 (HLK-LD2420) 24GHz Radar Sensor · Issue #2219 · esphome/feature-requests · GitHub

So in terms of a cheap mmWave module, this does the job!

I need to try it with an ESP01 now for size,