Waveshare Modbus with X1 AC Inverter - No blue light

Hopefully someone can please help.
I have an X1 AC Inverter and am trying to setup a Waveshare Modbus to collect data.
I have been using the fantastic JW Solar video tutorial on how to wire the modbus etc, and am looking to use the brilliant Solax Modbus integration (by Wills106) in HACS.

The JW Solar video tutorial is based on a G4 inverter which is slightly different to mine, and looking at my user manual I notice the RS485 pins/wires are different to the G4 (and I have to use pins 7 and 8 for modbus connectivity). So I’ve wired the CAT5 cable up to the Modbus and provided external power to the Waveshare, and everything lights up.
However, I cannot get the green (uplink) light to change to blue when I try and configure the modbus.

The ethernet connection works fine, I have connected to it via the VirCom programme, and can even open the Waveshare default webpage on the correct IP address in my network.
However, the light still remains green and so I’m assuming I have some incorrect connectivity settings between the the Waveshare and the inverter.

Has anyone else setup a X1AC inverter and if so, can you please share your config settings (baud rate, etc, etc) so I can check against mine? For completeness, here’s my settings from VirCom:

This has been a bit of a journey for me so far, and I’m so close to getting this up and running. So if anyone can please help I would be really grateful.
Many thanks in advance.

From my (X1 AC) manual, here’s the wiring information for the CAT5 cable:

I’ve followed this (Green to pin 6, Brown/white stripe to pin7, brown to pin 8). I’ve also double checked the connections on the WaveShare to make sure they are in the correct terminals. I’ve even remade another CAT5 cable myself and retried.

Also, here’s a photo of my wiring (please ignore brown tape, it’s just to hold everything in place for the time being):

So I’m assuming it’s something to do with the comms to the inverter - hence the request for anyone else’s settings so I can compare.

Thanks very much in advance.