Way to force reload UI on app launch/wake?

Is there a way to force reload UI on app launch or wake?

It’s almost always in the infamous state of limbo (issue of many users with iOS 15), where the UI responds to the touches but doesn’t actually talk to the backend. It needs to be manually refreshed almost every time I want to use it. I’m of course open to any other solution.


there is already a thread open for this

I know, I’m in that thread. I’m asking if there isn’t a workaround (automation probably) that would force UI reload when app launches.

ah sorry.
yes, I would also looking forward for a solution

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It seems not to be a problem for other iOS 15 users. Or are there not enough people on iOS 15 and home assistant

I’ve still the problem with latest ioS 15.6 and HASS 2022.7.5
App which was longer time not in use don’t transfer input on UI to backend.
App which is on status iPad in hallway stops updating information of tiles…
Reload/refresh (swipe from up to down) allways fix the issue but is not acceptable.
I’m searching for a solution. Espacialy for my hallway status iPad. How can I reload/refresh the dashboard periodically? Is there a service or API call I can do via an time triggered automation?
What I’ve seen so far is the posibility to inject JavaScript see here: [SOLVED] How can I get my dashboard to refresh automatically, instead of showing the "Refresh?" prompt?
There is probably a REST API provided by the HAAS iOS app also mentioned in this thread… but I didn’t have tested it so far…