Way to notify on HA instance with popup?

Hey all,

I’m wondering if there is a way to notify on HA instances with a pop-up? So for example if I’ve received something in the mailbox, I can put a pop-up on the tablet screen. So when I’m back home and my tablet turns on, I can immediately see this pop-up with message / image or something? Also for the HA app is this a possibility maybe? So you can set the device and when starting the app, the notification shows up?

I can imagine a lot of ways this would be usefull. Awesome should be if you can notify, but also can “retreat” this notification on the fly, so when I already emptied the mailbox, the pop-up could be removed again. Not sure if this is something others can use as well?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yes. Use this:

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Thanks, will look into this one :slight_smile:

Hi @tom_l . Isn’t that for when you are using a browser to access HA? What about a popup from the .obile app, even when it is minimized?

The way I achieved this (the pop-up notification part, not the email part) is with a conditional card, a button and a helper. (custom integrations are optional)

Create an input_boolean (toggle) helper
Create a conditional card that shows the button when the helper is ON
Create the button with the entity as the helper and the tap action as Toggle.
Chose settings for your button to make it look like the notification you want.
Then you just need to have a way to toggle the helper. In my case I have an automation that monitors the power usage of my washing machine through a smart plug.

You can equally use other cards instead of the button as long as they have the tap action available.

If you want to get fancy you can use something like custom button card to pretty it up.

type: conditional
  - entity: input_boolean.washingmachine_wash_status
    state: 'on'
  type: custom:button-card
  show_name: true
  show_state: false
  show_icon: true
  color_type: card
  aspect_ratio: 4/1
  layout: icon_name
  icon: mdi:washing-machine
    action: toggle
    - value: 'on'
      color: coral
          - animation: blink 3s ease-in-out infinite
    - operator: default
      color: rgb(25,25,25)