Way to notify on HA instance with popup?

Hey all,

I’m wondering if there is a way to notify on HA instances with a pop-up? So for example if I’ve received something in the mailbox, I can put a pop-up on the tablet screen. So when I’m back home and my tablet turns on, I can immediately see this pop-up with message / image or something? Also for the HA app is this a possibility maybe? So you can set the device and when starting the app, the notification shows up?

I can imagine a lot of ways this would be usefull. Awesome should be if you can notify, but also can “retreat” this notification on the fly, so when I already emptied the mailbox, the pop-up could be removed again. Not sure if this is something others can use as well?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yes. Use this:

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Thanks, will look into this one :slight_smile:

Hi @tom_l . Isn’t that for when you are using a browser to access HA? What about a popup from the .obile app, even when it is minimized?