Waze commute instead of Google

I know nothing about programming so this is not something I can do myself but is it possible to use Waze for commute times instead of google via the waze api?


I find waze to be far superior in accuracy to google or apple maps.


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Just looking at the documentation on the page referenced, it seems like it’s primarily used to launch the waze app directly to specific features, it doesn’t seem to be an API that would interface with a non-waze app except to enable waze to be launched from inside it. With that said, It would be interesting to see if someone could reverse engineer the interface and maybe find a rest interface behind it.

Waze is a very strategic asset of Google’s and I don’t think we’re going to see a public API for it any time soon. I don’t think they want anyone repurposing the data as it’s of high value to them.

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true. Its weird that google does not better implement their waze algorithms. Google commute currently will tell me how long it will take to get to work if I go the usual highway way. But waze will get me there 10-15 mins faster with its backroads. Its not a huge issue because at worst I just end up getting to work early, I was just wondering if it was something easy to implement.

As turboc pointed out I am so clueless about programming I didn’t even realize their API was just to launch their app! lol.

Thanks both of you for putting an educated eye on my request.

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Google, humm didn’t realize that. Well I guess Google is following the microsoft approach and buying up the competition. I wonder how long it will be before either google maps goes away, or waze gets integrated into google maps…

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There seems to be some development with this!