Waze configuration at yaml

Help with waze please
I’ve added the below to sensors.yaml
and I get no Entity for waze

- id: waze travel 01
  platform: waze_travel_time
  origin: XXX, YYY
  destination: ZZZ, WWW
  region: "IL"
  name: work
  vehicle_type: car

To configure Waze as a travel time sensor in Home Assistant, you can add the following YAML code to your configuration file:

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# Configure the Waze travel time sensor sensor: - platform: waze_travel_time name:'Commute Time' start: 'home' end: 'work' scan_interval: 300 monitored_conditions: -travel_time

This configuration sets up a Waze travel time sensor named Commute Time, which calculates the travel time from the home location to the work location every 300 seconds (5 minutes). The sensor will only report the travel_time condition.

You can customize this configuration by changing the name, start, end, and scan_interval values, or by adding or removing monitored conditions. You will also need to define the home and work locations in your Home Assistant configuration.

Once this configuration is loaded into Home Assistant, the Commute Time sensor will be available in the sensor list, and you can use it in your automations or templates just like any other sensor.

I’ve added to sensors.yaml
is that a problem?

To include a Sensor.yaml file in your Home Assistant configuration, you can use the include keyword in your configuration.yaml file.

For example, if you have a sensor YAML file named sensor.yaml in the config directory of your Home Assistant configuration, you can include it in your configuration.yaml file with the following code:

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# Include the sensor.yaml file include: - config/sensor.yaml

This will load the contents of the sensor.yaml file into your Home Assistant configuration, making the sensors defined in that file available in Home Assistant. You can customize the include statement by specifying a different path or file name, or by adding multiple include statements to include multiple YAML files.

It is recommended to use the include keyword instead of copying the entire contents of the sensor YAML file into your configuration.yaml file, as this can make your configuration more organized and easier to maintain

Just started using Waze sensors.
According to the docs, only UI config is supported.
Is yaml config is supported too?
This would be a good news for me.