Waze Configuration

I am trying to setup the Home Assistant Waze integration on Version: 2023.8.3 and I have a few issues.

If I setup a new Waze Entity, it does not give me an accurate time (much shorter) if I use a street address location. If I use just city and state, it appears to give a more realistic travel time. What is the correct format for entering start and end locations (street address or GPS location) in the GUI or in configuration.yaml? I would like to setup a few basic entries and wondered what the correct or optimal method would be.

Where is the Waze entities configuration data stored? I would like to change the address for existing entities but I can’t find it after it’s created.

I am using entities with lat/lon and this is sort-off fine. i.e. zone.home vs person.ABC…this allows to track time with moving people

I’m also having problems, especially when trying to use the Substring to limit which route. Did you get anywhere? Thanks