WAZE - Shared Route Feature

I believe that the shared route feature of Waze can be very useful, since you can track anyone, with no previous configuration in HA for who, destiny and origin.
When a user share their route, it cames in the following format that can be shared in Whatsapp ou Telegram:

“I am driving to Rio de Janeiro arriving at 18:09. Follow my route using Waze and see my localization in real time:

When you click in the URL, it opens in the browser something like:

I understand that the user could share this link to a Telegram Bot in HA and a new component extract the needed information to track the route, giving Estimated Time of Arrival - ETA. Maybe some other information can be extracted.

I would very much like to see something like this, I use waze all the time. and it would be nice to share my drive with my home assistant so that my heating or air-condition can be turned on when om close to home

This would be very nice, to share my route on home assistant, to send out a note to my family members