Waze Travel notification

I have trouble configure an automation that will alert me when is it time to go out to work tracking waze destination I have in HA
I would like HA to notify me when waze time + 10 min to get ready
any idea?

What does your automation look like? I find the reporting from the Waze integration to be pretty spotty at times, it can go 20 to 30 minutes of failed retrievals before it gets a valid response. I’ve not found a pattern to this, it happens at all hours, not just during periods where you would think Waze API would be busy. I think you might be best served by collecting some statistical history for the sensor and using this estimate for a given ‘current’ hour based on several weeks of data averages for that hour, combined with some type of outlier check and missing current data check for your created sensor. I never got this fancy, I just have a plot that shows me historical and current values by hour.

Good hunting (or comuting)!

Thanks, no automation at all right now…

Glad that someone find Waze useful…
In my observations, Waze integration is reporting unavailable data very often.
Not to mention that probably in general Waze may be used in SOME countries only. For instance, in Russia it always gives durations (and best routes as well) which are 10-30 minutes shorter than actual durations.
As a result, cannot rely on Waze at all.

yes, there are things in Russia that were supposed to take a few days, and are still going on after 18 months.