Waze travel time: integration doesn't find the correct address?

For some reason I don’t know, Waze travel time doesn’t work with addresses for me. It does work very well if I put addresses in USA, but I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada, and it never gets it correctly when I put addresses in Québec. But when I put GPS coordinates that are in Québec, it works. (I put North America as the region in both cases.)

I put as a destination a text helper entity, and I will put the GPS coordinates of some event in my google calendar in that text helper in order to get travel time estimation for dynamic destination.

So far so good. But the issue is: how to programmatically get the GPS coordinates from the address that is in the Google Calendar event?

Well, after some more testing I found out that Waze travel time integration DOES in fact find the correct places given the addresses, so no need to find out the GPS coordinates from the addresses.

This being said it should be noted that the adresses should sometimes be modified so Waze processes them correctly.

For example:
for 1234 5e avenue, Montréal QC H4G 2Z6
you should enter
1234 5th avenue, Montréal QC H4G 2Z6, Canada (fictive address)

So you should translate “5e” to “5th” + add “, Canada”.

It may also be relevant to put the borough instead of the city, in some cases, even if when you put the city on your waze app it gets the correct address. The Waze travel time may still interpret the address in a different way.

So don’t rely on how the addresses are written on your Waze app/web map. Do some testings with the integration in order to establish a template that will be able to write in a way Waze can read correctly.