Waze travel time service


I was working on a calendar automation that will automatically set my EV to charge at night if there is a calender event that requires driving. Currently it is triggered with a keyword in the event title. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could dynamically extract the travel distance from the event location and if this exceeds a distance / time setup the night charge to ensure we can drive to the event?

With the new service infrastructure that allows to return a value, a Waze travel time service request that returns the time would be super useful in automations like the one I described. Not sure if it can be done, but I felt like sharing my idea.


With a bit of fiddling this could already work now, if you have all the data
You can setup waze to map home with a device (target) using lat/lon and you could update that device lat/lon via the calendar event. As an example, I have waze entries mapping home with person1/2/3.

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Interesting, I’ll try this. But calendar entries have regular addresses (at least this is what regular users use), one would have to convert address to coordinates?

tbh, I really have no clue what you put in your invites or what HA keeps. It is just an idea. e.g. my google calendar has a link the location which contains lat/lon and that could be extracted. Do note… I am not saying this is the only solution, just trying to provide ideas
EDIT: based on ‘values’ in the event, maybe it can be mapped to a known lat/lon?

I opened a PR for exact this usecase unfortunately it is blocked for unknown reasons.

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Oh that’s amazing! I read the PR and under there’s some discussion on implementing a generic framework for travel time. It is beyond me to contribute code, but I fully support it and would be super appreciative! Especially the ability to get travel time for arbitrary locations would fit my use case.

I’m now exploring other possibilities, but they are all a bit “hacky” and the service response method fits so neatly it’s just made for an application like the one I described. If it helps, let me know where I can show my support! Thank you!

Did you find a solution for your original question of automating an EV charge?
I was looking into the very same thing.