Waze Travel Time - UI install

I have just installed the Wave Travel time integration and am confused by the instructions.


The installation is now UI based. It calls for you to pick an origin and a destination. Not sure why, but OK I chose one of each. Now what? The docs show an input select and a template but is this suppose to be put in your configuration.yaml file, lovelace card or somewhere else?

I see a lot of examples prior to the UI install but nothing clear to me on how the new implementation is done.

That’s pretty self explanatory, no? You need an origin and a destination for any directions anywhere…

That’s the yaml way. In the UI you just put an origin and a destination.

I’m not sure what you’re hiccup is. The directions in the UI say: Add latitude, longitude as comma separated values, entity_id, or address for origin and destination. The only potential missleading thing would be “what type of entity” and the answer is: Any entity where you can get the latitude and longitude out of: person (w/ lat/lon device tracker attached), device_tracker (w/ lat lon), sensor w/ lat, lon as the state or lat/lon attributes, zone, any other entity_id that has lat/lon as attributes.

Maybe self explanatory to you and people that have been using it for a while, but not to me. I just installed the integration. It works and gives me travel time from the origin to destination. But I see nothing in the docs on how to use.

It is not clear to me how to track entity to destination. I have setup per the example in the doc. It is unclear to me what I put in a Lovelace card to use it.

You’ve never used Google to get directions? Or any direction provider? They all have a start/end. :man_shrugging:

As for using it, it simply tells you the duration in minutes as the entity state. You can see this by looking at the entity it creates. You’ll have a sensor with units and it’s attributes

Of course I have used Google maps for directions, just not as part of home assistant. The directions show how to create multiple destinations, but they do not show how to use the multiple destinations. Maybe you believe this is obvious? I believe the documentation is missing information. I.e. create xyz card, use a tracker, etc.

I have no idea what you mean by “use”. It creates a sensor that has the travel time in minutes. If that’s not obvious, the I don’t know how else to tell you what it does.

It gives you travel time. That’s all the travel time integrations do. They give you a time in which it takes to travel from A to B.

It would make sense if the origin was my device tracker. I guess I need to reconfigure it to use it? This was not clear (to me) in the docs. I used an origin address and a destination rather than an entity.

Origin is your device_tracker… Destination is where you want to go

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Origin / Start / From → Destination / End / To

I understand now. Can you reconfigure the integration or do I need to delete and re-enter?
Also the doc shows using yaml multiple destinations. How do you choose them?

That example uses an input select, you can see it in the code.

They are chosen via the input_select

Thanks for you help. I’m getting there slowly. I saw the input select but had never used it before. Is there a card that lets me use input select to choose the destination?

Input selects are dropdowns, just create one and you’ll see what they do in lovelace.

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This is what I tried: Setup a new Waze travel after I created the input select. I used the gps tracker for input and the input select as destintaion.
I then created a card that shows the new sensor and the input select. When I change the input select it shows the correct name but it does not seem to change the destination in the sensor I created.

The sensor by default will only update once every 5 minutes. You may need to create an automation that uses homeassistant.update to update the sensor instantly

That was the answer. I did not wait long enough. Can the automation be trigger on the input select?


You can use any trigger you want to envoke the update.