We are looking for people willing to test our HACS Wappsto Integration

Can you help us test our new Wappsto (https://wappsto.com) HACS Integration to Home Assistant?

Our new HACS integration now brings Home Assistant users more advanced automation and visualization. We will upgrade the Wappsto subscription of anybody who has connected their Home Assistant installation. Feel free to drop me a direct message, and I’ll make it happen.

Because Seluxit believes you should be in control of your data, we do not import everything from your Home, but you decide on a per-sensor basis.

Disclaimer: I work for Seluxit, who are the developers of the Wappsto Cloud solution.

You can find the repository of our Integration here:


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Hi Daniel,

What automation capability do you have that is not already built in to HA?

Probably none, but some might better like the UX of Wappsto, just like some prefer the UX of Node Red over HAs UX.

It is the connection to third party products that make HA powerful and I hope HA return some too. :slight_smile:

Hi John,

thank you for your question.

We have suitable tools for energy consumption analysis (called Showme on Wappsto), we have a more advanced blocks/scratch implementation, and we back all data up securely.
You can use Wappsto to get cloud connectivity more easily (no need to set up your firewall rules or VPN).

We also have day-ahead electricity prices for 30 European countries and automation to use electricity based on these prices.

In short, Wappsto can do the same as HA, but it may be a bit easier and faster to configure.
It is similar to IFTTT or NodeRED but also combines historical data and data analysis.

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