We can split ui-lovelace.yaml again, right?

I know it was stopped at one point, but I think the latest changelog said it had been restored.

Can someone please help me out with exactly how to do this?

I’ve got a big chunk of my file for a remote control component that’s 6 buttons wide by 5 buttons long, so I’ve got to keep scrolling past 30 lines of icon configs and script calls. I’d really like to move it to a separate file if I can, but I’m not sure how.

Do I have to keep the YAML indentation the same? Like if the entities all line up at column 11 in the original file, do they have to be at column 11 in the included file?

Can I drop the include command in anywhere I want? Like, for example, where the remote control components were? What column should that be in?

Every time I think of a new thing, I’ve got to ask for help. But you guys have been great; I really appreciate it.