We need the alias function integrated to the GUI for Google Cloud items in the nabu casa integration

I have of course moved my Google Cloud integration for Nabu Casa to the GUI, and it works a treat (when it works, just had quite a few problems).
But it’s odd that the alias feature is still configuration based, it doesn’t really make sense to us one interface for the integration and another for the aliasing.
I have most entities with english names, and then I’ve added aliases with different forms for danish names.
It works very well, but it’s annoying that this is not done in the Google cloud integration under nabu casa.
It has given some headaches because of typos and stuff.
For some items I have several aliases, eg. for the pool pump, I have pool, swimmingpool, filter, pump so that almost no matter what people call it, it will catch it.

Hi, I have the exact same problem. I have Nabu Casa active. Do you still mix configuration from GUI and from yaml file? For now I have just defined the exposed entities to Google Assistant via the GUI, but I need to define aliases, and it seems not intuitive to do so in the yaml file.

Yup, I have a long list in my cloud.yaml file that I include in the configuration, than’s for reminding me, that’s going to the WTF list :slight_smile:

could you share an excerpt of it? Do you just configure aliases there, or the entities/domains filtering as well?

Sure, most of my config is split into subfiles, so


cloud: !include cloud.yaml


        name: Fluefanger
          - insektfanger
          - fluezapper
          - insektzapper
        name: Hoveddør
          - Fordør
        room: Entré
        name: Pool
          - Pool
          - Swimmingpool
          - Filter
          - Pumpe
        room: Have

For some reason the ‘room’ isn’t inherited properly into Google.

That’s great! Thank you!!
So you manage the entities filtering in the GUI, like this:

Is that correct?

Yes, absolutely

I’d like to add that request. I disabled the UI configuration due to this since I’m not willed to mix the configuration. UI or YAML but not both. It is quite cumbersome to repeat all the entities again.