We want to build a homeassistant show home at Shenzhen

It is located 200 meters from the gate of Shenzhen Fuyong International Convention and Exhibition Center, the world’s largest convention and exhibition center, and 100 meters from the subway exit. It is a five-star hotel + clubhouse supporting place. The artificial channel benchmarks the Seine, It is a good place to show everyone’s technology and products.

Room area about 300㎡, Prepare a full set of HA homeassistant show home, seek solution providers, product suppliers and communicate with friends who are interested in a full set of HA decoration.

  1. Synology+NUC+UBNT Family Bucket.
  2. Base on wired smart , wireless pot-filling, 3D interaction, center console customization.
  3. A complete set of background music in each space, microphone array (concealed, but must be indicated), lights, curtains, human body, etc., a miniature cinema system may be considered.
  4. The budget is about 500K~1000K USD except for some soft furnishings.
  5. Friends who are interested in communicating with each other can send me a private message, thank you.

1: Seek design, video, training, decoration and other industry friends or brands, and jointly launch the whole process materials.
2: All kinds of proposals are collected for a fee.
3: All kinds of suitable items can be jointly developed, and diy better!