Wear OS App Device Teacker

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS. I installed the companion app to my watch. Most things work great. Really love that I can control things when I want/need from my wrist.

The app installed a device_tracker.SM_ Rxxx entity to my HA system. My problem is that it doesn’t seem to be reporting position. I wish to add the device tracker to my presence logic as I will wear the watch more consistently than carrying my phone.

Is there a guide I can access that would help me get this setup correctly? Any guidance or help would be appreciated!

The device tracker is not functional at this time.

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First, thanks for the response. At least I know it isn’t something I screwed up or missed :grinning:. However that is really disappointing. :slightly_frowning_face: I know the Wear OS app is considered beta so I can’t be that disappointed. I will happily use the functionality it currently provides and wait for more to be added. I am no coder but if I can be of any assistance in testing things I will be happy to co-operate and try.

safe to assume the device tracker is still not functional?
if that is the case, mind if i update the docs so the next guy doesn’t have to come here for an answer?

the wear OS docs say that only battery sensors are available, it does not make sense to call out each and every sensor not available.

Maybe, this is just something weird with my setup, but this is what i see:
If this is normal, it seems strange to include a device tracker that doesn’t work out of the box

the mobile_app integration provides a device_tracker for all devices, even the minimal version of the android app has that entity visible. The meta quest has the same issue too but in none of those do we call out what is not supported. We simply tell the user to check the app for what is available. You can simply disable it if you wish to not see it.

Maybe this only bothers me, so don’t worry about it, but In the spirit of this month, I will say:
WTH do we ship this with a known “broken” entity?

thanks for being so responsive!

good topic to create :smiley:

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Came here after looking for this. No big issue however. Tnx for all of your work @dshokouhi!