Wear OS Template Tiles

Hi All,

Trying to get some Sensor Values to Show on my Galaxy Watch 6.
Have installed The Android Wear OS App & can now turn things on & off with the Watch, but that’s not my real interest.

What I want is data from Several Sensors Displayed.
Believe this is Done with Template Tiles from what I can read, but the detail is thin.
If I go to the Settings in tha App on the Watch & choose Template Tiles,
I just get the Message;

There are no Template Tiles added yet - add one from the watch face to set it up

Doesn’t really explain much & have searched but can’t find very much that seems current.

I do know how to add Watch Faces as such, but “add one from the watch face” may have lost something in Translation.

So What are “Template Tiles” exactly?
Are they stored & editable in YAML?
Specific Directories & file names?

I’ve already used other Templates for derived values etc, but can’t find what I need regards this.

Simple starting point I looking at creating involves Jst a few sensors & a switch or two.


The Switches I can already control, but would be more convenient if they were on a Tile with the Temperatures, so their status was present on the same screen.

Can anyone point out or give me a simple example of how to get this started?


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On my Wear OS device (Galaxy Watch 4) you swipe right from your current watch face until you get to a screen that says “Add tiles” with a large + sign. Press the + sign and a list of apps that have tile options appear. Home Assistant offers Assist, Camera, Shortcuts, and Template. Once you select template, it says “Set template in the phone settings” which is the point in the companion app you mentioned.

You would then supply a template, eg {{ some Jinja2 expression }} that resolves a Jinja2 template. The tile will render the output of that template. You can test the template in developer tools.

I have a tile to open/close my patio screen by using a shortcut to the cover entity.

Hope this helps.

in addition to this, once you swipe left or right you should be able to long press on any tile to also get to the tile shortcut editor.

You can also add tiles from the phone companion app too, at least on the pixel watch you can not sure about samsungs companion phone app

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{{ states(‘switch.tensionealta’) }}