Weather Card should reflect current Time of Day

Just having a look to my weather card nearly at 11 PM…

I think, showing “sunny” is a bit weired at night :wink:
Would be great, if the card could reflect the time of the day - so… as soon as sun is down, it should probably show a Night Sky with moon (maybe even Moon-Phase?) and should probably just write: “clear sky”

That “Sunny” is probably coming from your weather integration, not from the card.

Go to Developer Tools > States and then filter for your weather entity and take a look at its status and Attributes.

I’m using the AccuWeather integration and it says “clear-night”:

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thanks :slight_smile:
I am using the default Weather.home integration which comes with HA directly.

But I will have a look into changing it

OK, just got the AccuWeather integration installed now.
The issue I do have with it - compared to the default one - it does not show a forecast.

So - right now, I need to use both and combine them…

So I think, the FR is still valid - the default Weather.Forecast should somehow be able to provide the information if it is night.

Which integration is used by your “default weather”?

it is this one, which comes afaik by default

The integration is

Are you in the Netherlands?

no, I’m in germany - but anyway - it is providing the correct weather information… don’t know, why my current location should matter… in this case…

Also, I just checked the Git-Code…

    ATTR_CONDITION_CLEAR_NIGHT: {"clearsky_night"},
    ATTR_CONDITION_CLOUDY: {"cloudy_night", "cloudy_day", "cloudy"},
    ATTR_CONDITION_FOG: {"fog", "fog_day", "fog_night"},

probably, this is an issue either in some translations, or in the data the API does provide…

in addition, I just found how to add the forecast option to the accuweather integration.
So this is solved for now… (now let’s see, if the issue of the met-integration is currently a bug or not)

Didn’t recognize, that I have to enable the forecast option seperately

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I was looking for an alternative integration that could provide the info you needed until your FR is accepted and implemented (which I doubt will happen any time soon - but I can see you just reported an issue at the integration, that may be the best way).
I’ve tried the Dutch Royal institute and they have the forecast, but as it is cloudy now I’m not sure they dont have the same issue as

as already mentioned, just found how to enable forecast on accuweather :slight_smile:

It is interesting, because the forecast (and temp. information) between accuweather and met are slightly different… so let’s see, which one provides better information in the end :slight_smile:

Thank you… and sorry if my answer sounds rude… wasn’t intentional … it was a long day and I should go to bed now… :smiley:

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Nice that you found a solution for now.
I’ve also tried DWD, but then I got the card showing a Sunny midnight:


Yeah… If you see my tests from the multiple integrations they are all different. :weary:

ok, so then - these integrations just provide sh**** data… :frowning:

These integrations provides whatever those meteorology institutes provides thru their APIs…

what I meant with “these integrations” - since the integration is polling from the API… ^^