Weather entities updating twice to the same status, and only triggering automation on the second update?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really enjoying hass for over a year now, but using the weather entities for my automations causes me headaches.

I am running Home Assistant 0.118.5 on raspbian and here is my issue:

  • The weather integrations seem to update twice to the same status, with quite a big delay (from 2 to 10 minutes) between each update.
  • Automations on state changes are not triggered by the first update, only by the second update, which causes unwanted delays

Here is a screenshot from the meteo-france weather integration, where we can see that the weather entity “Paris-18ème arrondissement” updates a first time at 3:03:43 to the Rainy state.
Seven minutes later, the same entity updates again at 3:10:45 to the same Rainy state.

Only the second update triggered my automation “awning_set_retract_weather_state”, which was unfortunately… 7 minutes too late from the rain that poured from the sky

For information, my automation trigger is a simple template:

platform: template
value_template: >-
  {{ != 'sunny' and != 'partlycloudy' and != 'cloudy'}}

I have two weather integrations installed ( and meteo-france) and both seem to have exactly the same behavior, meaning that the also updates twice to the “rainy” state but with another type of delay.

I don’t understand how an entity can change from one state to the exact same one?! And even if this was possible, I don’t understand why an automation would not trigger on the first update?:slight_smile:

If anyone has any idea of what I could check or test for this (logs, debugs or anything), it would be really helpful!

And best holidays to the community!